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Know What Car Insurance Coverage You Need

Do you know what type of coverage is included with your Car Insurance?  Do you know how much coverage you need?

Liability Coverages

Bodily Injury – This covers the other party if you have an accident.  Do you have enough? The state minimum limit is 30/60.  That means it will pay out $30,000 per person and up to $60,000 per accident.  Medical bills can be expensive and if you are in a serious accident involving more than one person these can accrue quickly.  Who is left to pay the bill once the $60,000 limit has been reached.  That would be the insured.  So for just a bit more per month you can increase your coverage and make sure you don’t get left in a sticky situation.  To find out more information about liability coverages check out the website.

Property Damage – This covers the “not at fault” party vehicle when its involved in an accident.  The state minimum is $25,000 per vehicle.  So if you were to hit a BMW and it was considered a total loss, this amount of coverage would not replace that car.  As the “at fault” driver you would be responsible for the remainder of the damage, so make sure you have enough property damage on your policy.  For a few extra $$$ a month, you can have peace of mind.  For more information about this coverage, check out the website.

Comprehensive and Collision Coverages

Comprehensive- This is coverage for YOUR vehicle.  You choose your deductible for this type of coverage.  The deductible starts at zero dollars and goes to $1000.  This would be the amount you would have to pay before the insurance company covers the damage.  The less the deductible the higher the premium but the lower the amount you pay out of pocket.  Check with us to see the difference here, a few $$$ per month could reduce your deductible.  This coverage includes things such as:

  • Vandalism
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Acts of God
  • Animal Collision

Collision- This covers YOUR vehicle in the event of an accident.  If you are at fault, this type of coverage will pay to fix dents, fender benders, and major accidents with another person or an object such as a pole, sidewalk bench or road signs, etc.  This type of coverage also has a deductible.  Again, the lower the deductible the higher the premium; however, a few extra $$$ per month could mean less out of your pocket in the event of an accident.

For more information on Comprehensive and Collision coverages, visit

Make sure you spend some time with your insurance agent and find out what coverages you need.