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Why do you need Non Owners Insurance?

Non Owners provides liability insurance for a driver even when that person doesn’t own a vehicle.  Liability insurance protects the other party in the event that you are involved in a accident.  Every driver in the state of NC is required to have insurance of some type.  This makes Non Owners a necessity.  The state of NC also requires you to be insured to get a Drivers License.  Many people who don’t own a vehicle may need this coverage in order to obtain that license.

Who Needs Non Owners Insurance

  • People who don’t own a vehicle
  • People who drive company vehicles
  • People who just need a Drivers License

We can help get you the coverage you need.  If you drive a vehicle for you company or if you just need a license, come let us find you a great rate.

Check out this page for more information on this and Other Types of Car Insurance.